Work With Me

I offer guidance in building a foundation for resilience – strategies, rituals, and magical talismans for managing transitions in one’s life. I offer communion to support you in feeling centered and sane during big changes such as identity crisis, loss and grief, relationship shifts, parenting milestones, job transitions, and organizational processes. I do this through Transformation Talismans, Blessings & Rituals for Transformation, Tarot Readings & Refuge Sessions. No matter how we work together, I offer a radically inclusive space where all of you is welcome and I encourage you to do the same.

I strive to provide refuge. A safe harbor in which to rest. A shelter to sit through the storms of change. A place to begin stitching yourself back together after the shattering. A retreat from a culture that demands we process our confusion, grief, rage, and betrayals behind closed doors, isolated from the connection we need most.

Refuge is a gentle opportunity to process your feelings about big change, to discover your resources, and to find your knowing. Refuge is the place to build your resilience. Refuge is a place to heal and to honor that you are your own healer. While others, like myself, may offer witness, validation, and guidance on the journey, you are the only one who can transform your heartache into meaning. You are the only one who can sew yourself back together. You are the only one who can find the patterns in your stories and your scars that make up the you that goes beyond surviving to thriving.

I hold space for the undefined goo inside the chrysalis, the messy place where we are annihilated and come back together again. I provide insights and tools for managing transition, deepening self/soul care, and building resilience. Community, creativity, and magic embed transformation in our bodies, minds, and souls. I support the journey of change and help you to embed transformation through creativity, ritual, and conversation.

My tools include mindfulness, intuition, Tarot, magic, ritual, art, writing, archetypes, psychology, shadow work, a wide variety of spiritual teachings and practices, as well as 25 years of hard won experience navigating significant transitions for myself, individuals, communities, and organizations.

I do not call myself a coach. I think of myself as a Guide. A guide has traversed the passage several times and can hold space for a fellow traveler to explore, experiment, adventure, fall down, problem solve, discover their resources and figure out what to avoid. A guide can help a person understand what tools exist and how to use the ones that are appropriate for the journey.

My Offerings 

talisman button Transformation Talismans 

Art Spirit dolls as Transformation Talismans for the journey. The dolls are embedded with transformation – hand sewn with hundreds of stitches of sacred intention on your behalf, stuffed with sacred herbs, and then embellished. The herbs and the embellishments are magical aspects added by intuition, with energies related to supporting life transitions. Dolls are blessed on my altar before they are shipped.



blessings buttonBlessings & Rituals for Transformation

I am both a spell maker and spell breaker. I work with you to break the spells of old drama and trauma stories and help you make magic with new, empowered, and meaningful stories. I can perform a blessing or ritual on your behalf, I can assist you in creating a self blessing or ritual for your particular story of transition, or we can craft a ritual that we’ll perform together for an extra boost of magic.



refuge buttonRefuge Sessions ~ For Times of Transformation 

I provide a safe space for you to process the big change(s) happening in your life. I support you by guiding you through creative experiments to increase your resilience and engage with transformation in an intentional way through mindfulness, intuition, creativity, ritual, and other tools.